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What is E-Crime?

E-Crime is mobile phone or internet abuse, and is often referred to as cyber-bullying.

E-Crime is any form of Anti-Social Behaviour over the internet or via a mobile device. It is an attack of abuse, using technology, which is intended to cause another person harm, distress or personal loss.

We are all potential targets for E-Crime - adults and children.

The Internet is very much a part of our daily lives, and provides a useful educational tool for adults and children.

But there is adult material on the internet which is not suitable for children. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be able to advise you on filters, which prevent children accessing adult or unsuitable material.


How to avoid being a target of E-Crime

The best way to avoid being a target is to do the following:

  • Do not give out your personal details, such as phone number or address in chat rooms.
  • Think carefully before posting photographs or videos of you and your friends.
  • Always protect your paswords and change them regularly.
  • Only give your mobile number to close friends.
  • Learn how to block instant messages or use mail filters to block emails.
  • Know how to report bullying to internet services providers or website administrators.
  • Install and maintain uptodate anti-virus applications, network security, access controls and firewall.
  • Create backups for important files, folders and software.
  • Disable any automatic downloads.


How to respond to E-Crime

If you become a target of E-Crime there are a number of things you can do:

  • Talk to someone you trust - teacher, parent, friend, manager, close family member and/or call a confidential helpline.
  • Report the bullying to the internet service provider if the bullying took place online.
  • Report the bullying to your mobile phone provider if you have recieved the bullying through the phone.
  • Block instant messages and emails.
  • Ensure you report serious, life threatening E-Crime such as physical or sexual threats to the Police or the authorities.


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